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Mrs. Celeste

My name is Brittany Celeste! I'm a stay-at-home mother of two just beginning my homeschool journey. Since I was allowed to babysit, I took care of as many kids as I could and soon after I became a full time nanny for homeschooled students and mommy's helper all while developing my baking skills. I am a self-taught baker, a published author, a former military wife and the holder of a BA in Creative Writing and English. Now that my husband is out of the Marine Corps, we are here in Lakeland to stay and ready to help educate those in our area with life skills! My classes include creative writing, newborn safety and baking.

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Mr. Celeste

I'm Jarrod Celeste, a certified personal trainer, former Marine, father of two and husband to Brittany Celeste. When I'm not teaching, I'm playing with my kiddos or grilling up something in the backyard. Physical fitness is my passion and I'm happy to work with all ages. Sharing my knowledge of life skills and protecting yourself and your children is a priority of mine. Join me in my life skills courses so your children will have a well rounded education and be prepared for life on their own. If you're interested in personal training, I offer Physical Fitness classes here and one-on-one training for ages 10 to adult. $45/1 hour session for outside, $80/1 hour session for in the gym and special prices for multiple times a month are available.



Have questions about a class? Looking for a class we don't offer? Please contact us and we'll see what we can do!

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