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Welcome to The Village Schoolhouse!

At The Village, we believe that every child deserves a personalized learning experience. That's why we offer a variety of homeschool classes designed to fit your child's natural needs for life skills. From basic baking skills to story writing, understanding taxes and nutrition, our classes are taught by your fellow homeschool mama (a creative writer with a degree in English and a long history of being a nanny) and a former Marine (now certified personal trainer). Have a class you're interested in that we don't offer? Let us know and we'll do our best to add it to our schedule!

About Our Classes

Each class is designed with a development level in mind, but not necessarily an age. You know your kid best! The ages are recommendations, but if you think your child needs to be placed in a different course, sign up for the corresponding class!


Beginner courses are set for those who are not comfortable in the category or new to the subject. Usually this is students under the age of 9 or grade 3. This is also for those who might need a little extra help, no matter their age.


Moderate is designed for students ages 9-13 or 4th grade to 7th grade. Students who have some experience but will still need help or who are developing their skills in the particular field should choose this option. 


Advanced courses are made for those 8th grade and above. In these courses, I will cater to students at their level. This means that students that are in their last years of high school will be expected to give a different level of work than the ones younger.

Tiny Tots

This section is for my tiny friends, my little ones, my babies. Typically, this category is for 18 months to 5 years, but can be expanded or specified depending on the class. If you have a toddler, be confident, this is the class you should be picking!

What, Where and When

WHAT: Our classes are designed for homeschool students to expand their education. After all, as homeschool mama's we want our kids to learn a lot and we want them to feel special at what they are good at. These classes might not be in your regular curriculum, and that's okay! They are created for a fun environment while still learning some different skills they might not otherwise. Every student learns differently, so I will be aware of that and make sure to educate to the needs of each child!

WHERE: Tiny Tot Schoolhouse is the name of our homeschool However, all outdoor classes are held in a local North Lakeland park. All indoor classes will be held in North Lakeland library or home that will be given to you when you have signed up and paid for the class.

WHEN: Each class has a set date and time. Check the class listing itself for the dates that will be listed in the description. Most classes are 45 minutes and some are over an hour. Check the time and date of every class before signing up, as we cannot give you a different rate if you cannot make a class.

School Supply

Drop-Off Or Stay

Most of our classes are drop off only. However, there are a few classes and workshops parents are encouraged to attend. On the last day of Joining the Military for Students workshop parents will be asked to attend and bring their questions. Newborn Safety course is for parents and their babies. Parents are encouraged to stay for all baking classes. Parents are required to stay with any child that is not potty-trained and for all tiny tots classes.

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